My intention writing this post might not be sincere enough. But I need to write something to express myself. Writing in the notes inside my tablet is too boring. Then I thought that writing something to be shared to other people could be more interesting – I don’t know. Why I said that I’m not sincere? Because I write here not to entertain you whoever reads this post. But this is more likely to just to satisfy my undefined and objective-less desire. Again, I don’t know, but sharing anything else aside of writing had proved to me that I’m happy to do those kind of things. And so I just did it in the way of writing. Just trying.


Just wondering myself, just how long I can keep up this pace? To consistent writing on this blog… Because I’m also have another blog. I start to write since 2011, that was during my secondary school days. Now already about 5 years of experience in blog writing but the only same thing that I failed to do (until now) is ‘Consistently write on the blog’.


It’s me who to decide it

I’m the decision maker here. To decide when I”m going to change that attitude.

Today’s Decision affect Tomorrow’s Results. I will change it for sure. Though that I just lost the reasons why I should. But never mind. At least I change something for the better.

That’s all for the post. I’m excited to write the next post soon. It’s going to be another self-achievement. Wohoooo.


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