So I decide…


Before this I already wrote about how I failed to consistenly write blogs though that I got 5 years experience in doing it.

And I found that one of the reasons is that I put a spesific theme to those blogs. I have a blog about my personal life where I only write everything happened around me. Also I have blog about business sharing, photography, videography, religious and much more. Funny right? I have tonnes more inactive blogs!

And when I don’t have story related to those themes, I’m absolutely stucked. I’m completely freezed in front of my laptop screen and keyboard. Formally, it is known as writer’s block. Just because of I don’t have anything to write regarding the theme, I stopped to write and ultimately made me to become extremely lazy to think about it and as if I want to ever write anything.


My solution is, i decide that this blog is going to be everything. Unexceptionally EVERYTHING. So, don’t criticize or complaint to me if you find out this blog is a mess, objectiveless, hard to understand etc. Just like I said on previous “First” post, I write here not to satisfy you who is currently reading my blog. Sorry it might sound harsh but trust me I didn’t mean anything negative. I just want to comfort myself and satisfy my own undefined desire why I have to write consistently. To change my atittude of, in Malay we called it, “HANGAT-HANGAT  TAHI AYAM” (And my friend always translate the idiom literally “HOT-HOT CHICKEN SHIT” when he was forced to speak in english during english day at one program. Hahaha).

I easily start something and also easily get bored. I’m always leave it in the middle without seriously and consistently continue it. I’m just afraid that if I don’t change that kind of attitude, I will continue to educate myself to apply the sames attitude towards other thing as well.

So the conclusion is.. Just a reminder to all who read and will read my blog in the future. This post will be the answer of the EAQITF.

Expected Asked Questions in the Future.



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