How We Will Be Judged?


“Pada hari ini, tiap-tiap diri dibalas dengan apa yang telah diusahakannya; tidak ada hukuman yang tidak adil pada hari ini. Sesungguhnya Allah amat cepat hitungan hisabNya.”

“This Day every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. No injustice today! Indeed, Allah is swift in account.” (Q.S. 40:17)

All praises to Allah subhanahu wata’alaa
Today I want to tadabbur or in English means to ponder about one verse from Qur’an

“This Day every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. No injustice today! Indeed, Allah is swift in account.” (Q.S. 40:17)
During hereafter, Allah SWT said that every action that we take during our life on this dunya (worldly life) all of them will be evaluated by Allah and will get rewards or punishments whether it is big or small. Everything.

For us, we must know from this verse, we must take care of EVERYTHING we do during this life on dunya. We cannot simply just carefree and neglect certain things that we don’t like and pay attention on certain things that we love. We must go into details on EVERYTHING we do daily. We know humans with their fitrah (nature) that we are forgetful. We may not remember or recall the actions or decisions that we took even as close as a week ago.

Realizing that weaknesses we had, we are told by our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW to always before go to sleep evaluate our life on that day and forgives people. Ponder on your life so that we will keep remember and concious about our mistakes. And after we realizing our mistakes, we also are recommended to make taubah (repent) from Allah SWT. Istighfar (seek forgiveness) many times. May that cleanse our heart and Allah forgives us.

And Allah said, “No Injustice today (hereafter during judgement)” meaning that, the judgement cannot be falsified by anything that maybe done during this dunya.

As a strong reminder for us. During our dunya life we may feel relief escaping from being caught doing bad things. Whether people are not realize about it or you use your ability, capability, money, power to bribe certain decision-making people so that you will be not accused as criminal. Yes you can use everything you have like mass media or internet to escape if you have the power to do that.You may escape the judgement here using you power, but your power and money is futile at akhirah. Allah don’t need them. You cannot bribe Allah.

As a muslim, we are not exceptional either. We have many responsibilities to do. To do self-development, change from bad attitude to better attitude, preach and teach others about Islam, spread kindness, show good akhlaq and many more. If we are not doing our responsibility the best that we can by using resources that we had, we will also questioned in front of Allah later in akhirah.

And lastly, Allah end the verse with “Indeed, Allah is swift in account.” Meaning that we can take from this phrase is that Allah’s judgement is very efficient and precise that the process go through very quickly and thoroughly. By realizing and believing His powerful judgement, we should furthermore careful in every action we take.

So this verse is basically give a big picture what kind of judgement will be held in hereafter. We should take a second to ponder about this verse and relate it with our personal life.

For me personally, I could feel that Allah always judge me in every seconds of my life. Even the smallest thing and hidden from public, Allah will always monitor all of us. And we should take care of everything. Whether it is good or bad, what are the implications and benefits from the actions. I couldn’t lie to myself. I have to be honest and start to change right now for the better.

This is my tadabbur that I want to share. What’s yours?



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